The Holy Spirit Difference

And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  – Acts 2:21 (ESV)

Peter spoke these words empowered by the influence of the Holy Spirit. Peter used to be well intentioned and leaned upon his strength and personality. He was the one who told Jesus that even though all of the other disciples would leave him, he would not. Peter failed miserably in that boast and denied even knowing Jesus.

Early in my life, I had a nagging thought that somehow I needed to be good enough to be saved. I most definitely accepted Christ by calling upon Him to forgive my sins. But, there were times I was not sure of His love for me.

As I live this life, I am becoming more and more confident of His great love for me and for everyone else. This growth is a direct result of the Holy Spirit’s influence in me. I understand that I am loved deeply and continue to learn how to return that love back to God through obedience and trust. Being saved has everything to do with God’s ability and nothing to do with my credibility.

These are a few things I’ve learned in my relationship with the Holy Spirit:

  • Forgiveness is final. Once something has been taken care of, it’s done.
  • Confession is about listening to the Holy Spirit and agreeing with what He says.
  • Being called to do impossible things is normal. I learn about God’s strength overcoming my weaknesses.
  • I learn how to love other people the way God loves them.

You might struggle to believe God’s love. You’re not alone. Jesus returned to heaven so that the Holy Spirit could live in us and be with us. Everything that Jesus did for us was to pave the way of having a Comforter to walk with us in this life.

The Holy Spirit was the great confidence builder for Peter to do what God had created him for. Peter no longer had to prove his love for Jesus through boasts. He reflected the power of the Holy Spirit, becoming empowered to complete his assignment. When he finally accepted God’s love and stopped trying to qualify for it, he became a different person. We become different people when we accept what only God can do. Calling upon His name makes the impossible possible.